Selected Works: Vessels

People, Insects, Field
Just Love
American Book of the Dead
Vessel, Human
A Silo Hurdles Through the Universe
Kate, Zaine, Stephen
Life is a Pedestal for Death
Woman and Possum
Paging Betsy DeVos, White Courtesy Telephone Please
Scar Tissue
Rabbit at Rest
Oliver, Love
Nikki in the Tunnel No. 3
Nikki & Nevill No. 8
Mother of Three, Woman of the Earth
Oliver on a Sea of Humanity
Nikki & Nevill No. 2
Limestone, Ferns & Woman
Lisa Says
Lexi in the Bedroom
Keegan on Wilson Ave
Mel in the Ruins
Maggie Wrestles Simon No. 2
Kate on Her Couch
In The Shadows
Kate Coming Upstream
Flesh & Bone
Dimitrius, A Street Portrait, Roanoke, V
Angela in Analog
Dr. Willie `Parker
A Silo Hurdles Through the Universe
Zoe After Midnight
Wildlife Photography
The First Days of the Last Days
Tree at Pena Adobe
Threat Response
Three Boys Unto the Breach