A Silo Hurdles Through the Universe
Duck Pond at Night
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Eli in the Abandoned Ford Dealership
New American Gothic
Fire Fairies
Long Haul Trucker
Motel Swimming
Abigail & Keegan
Abigail After Midnight
Abigail Waits for Fireworks
Keegan with Sparkler
In My Brother's Shadow
Children_ Go Play in the Street
Keegan on Wilson Avenue
Zoe on Wilson Avenue
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Campfire at Crabtree Falls
Westminster High School
Riding in the Car with Stephen
Alexis in Light & Dark
A Human Casts a Shadow on the Universe
American Girl (a portrait)
Ghost Vessel
Earth's Inheritors
Dissident, Rising
Stephen at the Shack
Madeline, Uprising
Fire in the Water
Self-Portrait at Mt
Heidi at the Shack
Four Walls & a Roof
Media Building
Our Horse Visits at Night