Family: Lois Glass 1930-2017

Mom & Simon
Nostalgia Brings Sadness
Day 31,613: The First Days of the Last Days
Kiss Kiss Smile Smile
Visiting Hours
Hospital Visit
The Grandmother & the Sleeping Baby
Petals & Toes
Flower on the Floor (as grandma lay dying)
Simon & His Bald Sunflower
Sharing a Cookie with Grandma No
1 of the Last 100 Lunches
Sharing a Cookie with Grandma No
Sharing Melon From One of the Last 100 Lunches
Listening to Her Grandson (while deaf & dying)
31,697 Days On Earth Today (and everything is one dollar)
12x14 Semi-Private Room
My Mom & My Son
One of the Last American Suppers (of Chinese Food)
Afternoon Visit
When the Fear Set In
The Last Day of the Last Days
19:30, 2017.Oct
My Mother's Final Portrait, 13 Days After Her 87th Birthday
One Last Stop for Gas Station Donuts
Eli Relaxes on His Grandmother's Grave
Eli Looks at His Dead Grandmother
Evelyn Looks at My Dead Mother's Body