It's free to call or e-mail me, so there's no cost to get started! I love talking about photography! Everyone should have great pictures of themselves, family, friends, and major events. Businesses need good photos for marketing and outreach. I can help.

Basic Prices: Portrait, Candid, and Event Photography

Simple head shot = $45 (in studio)

Simple group shot = $90 (on location)

Short Session = $90 for about an hour and yields 7-10 unique edited pictures

Medium Session = $180 for about two hours and yields 12-20 unique edited pictures

Long Session = $250 for about three hours and yields 22-35 unique edited pictures

Contact me for hourly and flat rate quotes for work outside these three basic packages.

Real Estate & Architectural Photography

2000 sq. feet or less: $150 (10-15 photos)

2001 to 3000 sq. feet: $200 (15-20 photos)

3001 to 4000 sq. feet: $250 (20-25 photos)

4001 to 5000 sq. feet: $350 (25-35 photos)

5001 to 6000 sq. feet: $425 (35-45 photos)

Twilight or night shots add $125. Exterior re-shoot add $80 for 5 photos + $10 per additional photo. 

Other Photography

For product, editorial or reportage photography, please contact me with your needs and I'll give you a quote. 

For art prints, please order here.

For commissioned art photography, please contact me with your ideas. 


Additional costs apply for travel outside my immediate area.

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